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We are stewards of the environment and the other resources God has provided for us. We want to respect and preserve these resources. In accord with these values, Mid-Valley Gravel Co. has been recycling since the early 1980's.  

We recycle rock and asphalt from street excavation through our rock crusher in order to make a green fill material, for sub-base use, as a part of green building projects. The concrete and dirt from street excavation go into the ongoing reclamation of our two quarries. Top soil is saved and reused.  

We recycle 85% to 95% of the materials from our demolition projects. Metal is sent to Schnitzer Steel Recycling in Eugene, and wood is chipped and used for erosion control around the quarries.

We also recycle antifreeze and burn our used oil to heat our shop.

We grow Douglas Fir and Pine around our quarries to provide a visual and noise barrier for our neighbors. These trees also provide excellent wildlife habitat for deer, cougar, bobcats, coyotes, red fox, rabbits, gray diggers, squirrels, wild turkeys and quail. Settling ponds provide habitat for birds, especially different species of ducks and cranes as well as frogs, salamanders and minnows. We are privileged and delighted to see these wild animals on a daily basis.

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