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Providing a safe, healthy, positive, and supportive work environment that promotes the growth and development of our employees, is a guiding principle in our business decisions. We believe that having diversity in our employees with regard to age, gender, race and cultural experience, work experience and work skills, is an excellent way to promote learning new job and life skills as well as developing self confidence and maturity. We want to challenge our employees to use all of their skills as they gradually gain experience.

We provide an employment home for intelligent, motivated individuals who make an excellent living working in the construction trade. These individuals may not have been a good fit for the traditional educational environment of sitting all day at a desk. But they are ambitious, smart and know how to work. Most want to spend their work days outside, and be able to look back and see the product of their labor when the day is done. It is such a privilege to be a part of their development as employees and as people. Many of these individuals have stayed for the long term, and become key people in our organization, lead people and individuals with specialized skills operating heavy equipment, reading blueprints and managing crews.

Mid-Valley Gravel Co. has an exceptional record in terms of the safety and health of its employees over the last 40 years. We attribute this to the family atmosphere that promotes "watching out for the other guy" and helping when people need guidance or support.

We have a safety rewards program that publicly acknowledges the excellent safety records of our employees with safety bonuses and safety points used to purchase name brand customized safety gear. We are quite visible in our orange and yellow hard hats, t-shirts, sweatshirts, and safety vests. Even our trucks are orange for more visibility and safer operation.

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